• Hosted PBX

    powerful yet simple VoIP communications.

    Give your business a competitive edge without the expense of buying, installing, and maintaining a PBX. The Verticaltel Hosted IP-PBX is an end-to-end solution giving you all the benefits of VoIP with cost-effective pricing.

    Our Hosted PBX solution delivers powerful features, flexibility, scalability and automation, with significant cost savings when compared to a traditional PBX.

    Hosted PBX
  • PBX Solutions

    Systems for small, medium, and large businesses.

    We offer the same advanced features our hosted PBX customers experience in an on-premise system. You can have a local system with any combination of SIP trunking, analog trunks and PRIs. Since we can link multiple PBXs together we can combine hosted and on premise systems for remote locations.

  • IP Trunking

    Streamline your communications platform

    By accessing local, long distance, toll-free, and the Internet over the same circuit you can see large savings! You can save on Phone Lines, toll free numbers and long distance in the range from 15% to 50% or more every month.

  • Local & Long Distant DID's

    Vertical Telecom provides Local, Long Distance, and Toll Free phone number services to customers via voice over IP (VoIP) servicing areas throughout the US and Canada.

    We offer DIDs in over 3000 cities, we support most VoIP gateways, and there is no long-term contract!

  • Reseller Program

    Make Money Selling VoIP Services

    The market for phone services is very competative but with our tools you can offer your customers an outstanding phone experience while improving your bottom line. Our VoIP services are of the highest quality providing transparency between the VoIP and PSTN network.
    Our services are ideal for startup or existing Wholeasle VoIP Companies and VoIP Consultants looking for a Turn Key VoIP reseller palatform. Our service can be used for IP-PBX phone systems, Call Centers, Calling Card oprators, SIP devices and more.

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    Hosted PBX

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    PBX Systems

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    Sip Trunking

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    Local & Long Dist. DIDs

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    Reseller Program

VoIP Services for Home & Office

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    Hosted PBX

    Our hosted PBX offers call center features at affordable prices. Dozens of advanced features are included in our base package.

    Our platform offers many advantages and savings over the traditional circuit switched telephone systems.
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    PBX Solutions

    We offer the same advanced features in an on-premise system. Services can be delivered over affordable broadband service from other providers.

    Save money by streamlining your communications into a single network connection for phone service and high-speed Internet.
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    Direct IP Trunking

    We provide IP trunking to customers with IP capable telephone systems. These services are offered to hosted PBX or on-premise, from two extensions to hundreds in an campus enviroment to even thousands connecting over the internet.

    We connect directly to our clients PBXs, providing inbound & outbound dialing.

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