Unlimited Calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico , free calling to other Vonage home phone service customers. Great low rates on international calls. Keep your current number or get a new one, no charge either way. Free shipping of your Phone when you sign up for one year. Free activation.

Special Features:

Set your number to ring on up to five other phones like your office and mobile.

Verteli Extensions- make outbound calls from your mobile at home phone calling rates.

Verteli Visual Voicemail- get your voicemail as text, voice or email (message and data rates may apply).

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Block, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding and more.

All you need to have our VoIP phone service in your home is a high-speed Internet connection, a VoIP phone set or an ATA device, something we can provide after you sign up.

Compared to the competition, Vertical Telecom offers top quality, lower rates, plus many attractive features and service choices. Our home phone service options are perfectly compatible with most other VoIP phone sets on the market. So if you already own a VOIP phone, you can most likely keep using it.

  • Clear, no-nonsense, simple to understand billing
  • Free Hardware & Activation
  • Keep your number: VoIP.ms offers number portability
  • Use your own device, soft phone, Asterisk, PBX or switch
  • Free calls to Toll-Free numbers (Termination)
  • Premium Quality Domestic and Toll free DIDs
  • International DIDs in over 30 countries
  • Inbound calls from $0.05 / Toll free: $0.024
  • CNAM, Voicemail, e411, e911, Speed Dial and SIP URI's
  • Digital Receptionist (IVR), Recordings, Calling Queues
  • Ring Groups, Callback, Failover destination, Call Forwarding
  • Detailed CDR also available in xls, csv, sql and xml
  • A to Z call termination (Worldwide Call Termination)
  • Pay as you go pricing scheme
  • Very competitive rates
  • Customer support staff available via Live Chat
  • Free Asterisk Configuration support
  • Support available in English, French and Spanish
  • Flexible Dialing Rules

  • Includes: A home phone plan that lets you talk more with unlimited local and long distance calling every month across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

    One-Year Agreement
    for 3 months then
    $18.99/mo plus
    taxes and fees
    No Annual Contract
    plus taxes and fees
    Free Activation

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee